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One of our new songs! rock!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us destroy Crash Mansion.  Great crowd. Some kick ass new songs. Cant wait to go back. Check out what’s left of the Mansion…

  • This Friday April 1st, 2011, 11pm – Shot will bring the rock to CRASH MANSION, 199 Bowery, between Spring St. and Rivington. $10

  • Friday April 1st, 2011, 11pm – CRASH MANSION, 199 Bowery, between Spring St. and Rivington. $10

  • Welcome again my Shotians to another edition of “Shot in Blogosphere” It is a new year for Shot, but they’re bringing the same old balls-on-your-nose rock that you love.

    After a month off, Shot has gone back into the laboratory to refine the elixirs and potions that give Shot their tasty, tasty rock. Grasebo traveled the world, decivilizing (trademarked) every civilized nation he came across. A host of diseases threatened to put him out of commission, from Malaria to Typhoid fever. Those diseases didn’t stand a chance against Grasebo’s earthquake rendering sound, which can be seen down to the molecular level. With a bass strapped on and the perfectly groomed mane of hair blowing, Grasebo’s blood cells patrol his system and destroy any would be diseases with one chug of their bass guitars.

    When he’s not shoving the Shot CD down the throats of oversees magazine columnists, Besto is hitting up colleges, getting the word out about the album and shows, and spending some time with some of the coeds. It’s much like Girls Gone Wild, except less camera, more booze, more boobs, and more of the bone dance if you get my drift.

    Chris Kraken has been traveling cross country. Why, you ask? He’s been doing shows in New York and California. Doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, right? What if i told you he was doing a show for California IN New York? That’s right folks, Chris has mastered the ability to throw his sonically charged wails across the entire country. The US military is consulting with Chris and developing weaponry using his ability, but for now he’s content with singing at a California club from the comfort of his apartment in Brooklyn.

    Roach has been scouring the land for Penicilin. As Besto puts it “He needs to carry a bottle of penicilin with him at all times because he’s so sick on the drums” So Roach has made it a personal quest to keep himself medicated 24/7 anything that can be snorted, drunk, inhaled, or injected is in his blood stream right now, fighting off the deadly disease called greatestdrummereveritis.

    Hector has been in the studio, going through destroyed amp after destroyed amp, and flaming guitar after flaming guitar, searching for the right rig that can contain his sound long enough to be capture onto a record. Two new songs are in the works and if Hector can stop busting amps, they will be available shortly.

    A new Show is on the horizon too. March 11 the ports will run red again. Thats right port 41 has invited us back for a special encore performance. As i write this, the Shot pirate ships are being stocked and ready for the oncoming invasion. There will be plundering, there will be pillaging. And no booty will be left behind this time, especially the ones on the girls.

    Now for “Shot goes to the movies” In this installment we look at one of the nominees for best picture, The Social Network. This is the movie about Mark Zuckerberg, founder of a little website called Facebook. From its humble beginnings to its meteoric rise to the lawsuits that stemmed from the alleged backstabbing and theft, this movie, directed by David Fincher, is all about tone and setting. Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Zuckerberg, gives a great performance as a condescending, almost assholish (Trademarked) computer geek who isn’t really a bad guy by the end of the film. He just had an idea, had the computer know how to implement it, and rode the rocket up to success. Love him or hate him, Zuckerberg is definitely an influential person and someone who’s shaped the 21st century. Shot gives this movie two drumsticks up.

    Well that does it for Shot in Blogosphere this week. Keep checking back her for all your Shot news, Shot views, and Shot…chews?

    till then my pretties….

    Welcome to a special New Years edition of “Shot in Blogosphere” your number 1 source for Shot news, Shot views, and Shot…clues?


    Shot destroyed another venue in Local 269 a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the people came after Shot was done so no one was hurt in the blast of rock, but don’t think this will become a trend. There are plenty of venues in NYC that Shot can destroy at a moment’s notice. So keep your head on a swivel…

    While Besto and Chris Kraken were focusing their rock abilities, Hector, Roach, and Grasebo traveled to the faraway land called “City College” to contain some more of Shot’s explosive Rockin juice in two new recordings. An old friend and audio sage known only as Artem assisted Shot in their endeavor while a man by the name of Joey Liu took photo proof of the event.

    Before they were ready to put this lightning in the bottle, The contingent had a run in with the local Sheriff and his cronies. After being kicked off the premises, Shot flanked the small village and came in through the backdoor to finish the recording. That should be a warning to any female who’s thinking of coming to a Shot show. They aren’t afraid to use the backdoor. Anyway…

    After laying down Roach’s thunderous drum beats and transforming them into a series of 0′s and 1′s, Hector and Grasebo returned a day later to record Grasebo’s frantic bass lines. After another run in with the local law enforcement which required Shot to use their chameleon powers to blend in with the room while they did their sweep, the bass lines were magically transferred into the machines.

    Shot – 2, City College Sheriff – 0

    Goes to show you that you cannot deny Shot in anyway whatsoever. We will have our way with you no matter what and there isn’t anything you can say about it.

    So what does 2011 mean for Shot? What does Shot have in store for the new year? Will more venues and buildings be destroyed? Will more gut busting, face melting, orgasm inducing songs be released? Will there be more Shot babies on the way? All i can tell you is the answers to all of those questions will be “yes.”

    Now its time for “Shot goes to the movies” This week we will be reviewing “Black Swan” This is an A movie with everything working on every facet. Natalie Portman plays Nina, a frigid, cold, perfectionist ballerina in a New York dance company. When she is picked to be the Swan queen in a new production of Swan Lake, her world starts to unravel. She starts seeing and experiencing things that border on insane. It doesn’t help that Lily, a transfer dancer who’s outgoing and flirtatious personality totally contrasts with Nina and threatens her position in the company.

    The movie starts off slow, steadily building the happenings until the very end, when everything seems to go wrong and Nina’s world breaks apart at the seams. I can tell you that this movie is a Shot approved movie across the board. It’s got hallucinations, transformations, great music, Natalie Portman stretching, and a certain lesbian sex scene that left me needing a new pair of underoos. Still, it is a great movie that is definitely worth checking out and all the Oscar buzz is justifiable for Natalie and company.

    Well that does it for this Shot in Blogosphere. Have a happy new year and in case you were wondering, in the Chinese calender, 2011 is the year of the Shot. So don’t forget to check out the facebook, myspace, for the latest news and happenings in Shotatonia.

    until next time…

    Check out Grasebo & Roach putting down the rhythms for new songs “Hot Snake Oil” and “Shot” here! New stuff available early 2011!

    Photos by Joey Liu.

    Roach McPoach & his 16 mics putting down the thunder for the song “Shot” by the band SHOT. very creative these SHOT guys….

    Security? Stop Shot? ha! Campus security tried to kick us out, but we snuck back in, Charles Bronson style, & finished up the track.

    Welcome to a special holiday edition of “Shot in Blogosphere.” It has been a couple of weeks since the last entry and having recovered from the madness of Thanksgiving and knee deep in Christmas rockin’, Shot is here to update you on everything that is happening.

    A couple of shows under the belt and the new and improved Shot are rolling along. A show at Parkside Lounge and the Trash Bar, two places that Shot frequent and destroy on a regular basis, were the latest stops on Shot’s “Sexcellent” tour. They’ve added a couple of covers into their repertoire, namely Soundgarden’s “Outshined” and Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” to resounding cheers. One woman was even quoted as saying “I like them.” I tell you, the Shotians are not ones to keep quiet about their admiration for their favorite band.

    At Parkside Lounge, in almost a TMZ style bust, Chris Kraken was caught on videotape necking with a certain female who has been a long time Shot fan. Who’s the female? Where’s the videotape? What resulted from that incident? The only ones who know those answers are Shot and they ain’t sayin nothing.

    Speaking of videos, Shot has been capturing the magic on stage and have been posting them on youtube. So go to the Shot channel on Youtube and see what the camera could catch of Shot before it spontaneously combusted in the cameraman’s hand. Also check out all the new photos and shots that have been posted on the website as well as the Facebook. A close friend of Roach, “Evil”Steve Ventura, came down to Trash Bar and brought his guerilla backstage style photography to a Shot show.

    After the Trash Bar show, EvilSteve took Roach on the Brooklyn Nickel tour. Ten hot dogs at a Grays Papaya and pizza at a great location, Lenny and Johns Pizza place. If you live in the Brooklyn area or are in Brooklyn partying, look this place up and eat their great pizza. Remember, pizza goes great with rock.

    Now for “Shot at the movies.” This weeks installment ties in with the last installment, Paranormal Activity 2. The movie reviewed this week is called “Paranormal Entity.” No I’m not joking. This is a real movie, albeit a really terrible one. It’s made by production company The Asylum which are known for making “Mockbusters.” Films that are low budget versions of the higher quality kind.

    Now obviously Paranormal Entity was made to coattail the success of Paranormal Activity. However it is not a direct rip off. The movie utilizes the same “home video’ style of shooting and bargain basement effects that Activity used, but the story is where it differs. Here is the synopsis from

    Samantha Finley (Erin Marie Hogan), her older brother Thomas Finley (Shane Van Dyke), and their mother Ellen Finley (Fia Perera), are a family who have believed to have made contact with their deceased father and husband David. Ellen tries to contact her husband by writing to him and is overjoyed upon receiving a written response. Soon the family claims that a ghostly entity is haunting them. At first they think it is their father/husband David, but after a series of horrible attacks upon Samantha they begin to suspect otherwise.

    Now Entity progresses just as Activity does, showing different camera angles from different rooms and you start to see things. TV turning on mysteriously, mysterious Phone calls in the middle of the night, a cross mysteriously falling off its hook, and other mysterious things. The scares and happenings become more and more prevalent and violent as the movie progresses until the finale. Now before I describe the finally, the production and continuity errors in this movie are abundant. I’ll just give one example: While Samantha sleeps in her bed, the sheets are pulled off her by an unknown force. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the “force” can be seen in the lower left hand screen pulling a string to pull the sheet off her; plain as day, no denying it. It’s a person’s hand.

    Now the ending is something that almost made up for the entire movie. A parapsychologist is called in to help Samantha and Thomas after their mother has attempted suicide. He explains to them in a calm tone that they need to be very focused and concentrate on what they need to do in order to get rid of this demon that’s terrorizing Samantha.

    The camera cuts and comes back on to the parapsychologist dead on the floor, Samantha yelling somewhere in the house and Thomas running for his life. He grabs the camera and runs up to his sister’s room to see her getting what I’ve come to call “air-raped” by an unknown, presumably the demon. She’s topless, covered in blood, and is bucking, because it seems the demon’s really giving it to her. She finally dies and her brother is left there to look at her dead body.

    Text tells us that Thomas was charged and convicted with his sisters rape and murder and committed suicide in prison.

    So in short, the movie itself sucked from head to toe, but the ending was a novel image that will not leave this bloggers head for quite some time.

    Well that does it for Shot in Blogosphere. Shot will be shoring up to Port 41 and blasting the big cannons from its gun ship Friday night Dec 10. Check this website and the facebook for more information. Shot is lined up with a couple of other great bands and We’re sure it won’t be a night to forget.

    Till next time, my pretties….